Things to do in Mityana

Visit lake Wamala

Lake Wamala is a small freshwater lake located 00°19′42″N, 31°50′26″E shared by Mityana District, Mpigi District and Mubende District in central Uganda. It is fed by rivers from the surrounding areas including River Nyanzi, River Kitenga, River Kabasuma, River Mpamujugu and River Bimbye. It is estimated to be about 250 km2 in an area rising to 1,290m above sea level.

It is said that more than 4,000 years ago Lake Wamala was part of Lake Victoria, but has since receded into its current state. The lake Wamala derives its name from King “Wamala”, the last monarch of the Bachwezi dynasty who had occupied the areas of Bunyoro Kitara. According to this legend King Wamala disappeared into Lake Wamala at a site near Lubajja fishing village called Nakyegalika and his spirit resides in the lake.

The lake is dotted by islands that have become a home to different bird species and some used for culture functions and the main islands include Lwanja Island, Mabo Island, Kizara Island, Kazinga Island and Bagwe Island. Among the Baganda, it is believed that some islands are a home to ancestral spirits that would help solve their problems and many other ailments.

The lake forms an ecosystem with wetland in the surrounding areas which has become a catchment area and a home to different wildlife species. There exist remnants of a variety of animal species such as sitatunga, wild pigs, hippopotamus, bushbuck, waterbuck, vervet monkey, baboon and a variety of birds such as guinea fowl and turaco. A diversity of water-based birds is visible in the remaining wetlands. Existing fish species include tilapia, catfish and lungfish.

From Mityana town, you drive about 20 km to the lake

The Walumbe Tanda Pits

The Walumbe Tanda Pits are somewhat a hallowed ground in Uganda. Legend has it that Walumbe accompanied his sister Nambi and her husband Kintu to the earth after they got married. Walumbe is known to be mischievous and is said to be the cause of suffering and death to mankind. After reaching the earth, he hid from his brother Kaikuzi in the Tanda pits, afraid that he would take him back to heaven. The site contains more than 240 pits and two shrines. One entrance has spears, shields, calabashes and fireplaces named after different gods.
Walumbe Tanda Pits, Mityana District, Uganda

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